About us

Arcos y Puentes is an international cultural and educational project that works with educational institutions and people interested in learning languages and music. The project started in 2008 with an exchange program between the University of La Serena (Chile) and the Autonomous University of Veracruz (Mexico), through which national talents and experienced teachers went abroad to share their knowledge and passion for music. Today, we work with different institutions and people around the world and are very enthusiastic about our ever-growing platform and community.


We work with an international team of professionals with experience in various fields: from languages to folkloric instruments and from music history to literature. We offer online and on-sight courses, workshops, talks, presentations, concerts and much more!


Take a look at the services we offer, and if you decide it’s about time to get started with that language or instrument you wanted to learn, contact us right away! We are happy to provide any additional information and help out with whatever we can.